How to connect 2 frepbx virtual machines to the same network

Hello, I am installing two virtual machines in virtual box with freepbx in each one with its “Bridge Adapter”

And I already registered the users in each one from the Freeobx page to test them by calling them on different softphones

Do you know how I can connect the two virtual machines to the same network so that the users of one freepbx virtual machine can call the other users of the other virtual machine?
Thank you

I don’t see how being on the same host makes any real difference. The most recent set of answers on the general problem is Trunking 3 FreePBXs together but there have been many questions about this over the last couple of weeks.

Obviously you will need either different IP addresses or different port numbers.

Ok but to change the IP of the second machine I can change that from the local Frepbx host page or I have to do it in the virtual machine (Virtual Box)

You must, already, have either distinct addresses or ports, or you wouldn’t be able to run both virtual machines at the same time, with their own isolated communities of users.

Port numbers would be done in FreePBX. A quick Google on bridged VM networking suggests that the VMs already have their own distinct IP addresses.

In bridged networking, if you do nothing special, each VM will be assigned a unique MAC address by VirtualBox, which causes it to be a unique LAN IP by your router. You can check this by typing
at shell prompts in the VMs.

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