How to configure my DID number from localphone to freepbx


Today I bought a DID number from and now I want to forward the calls to that number to my Asterisk with freePBX GUI.

I already set up an outbound route and extensions, I can make a outbound call to my mobile phone and to a fixed phone.

My question is how can I add the DID number to the asterisk server.
Or is it possible to add the DID number to voipbuster. Cause I am using voipbuster for outbound calls.

Thanks for the help.

You have to get a DID from voipbuster to forward your number to.

Why didn’t you just do that in the first place?

Voipbuster doesn’t offer DID’s anymore, this is on their website: “Voip IN number
Unfortunately we do not offer DID’s (inbound Voip/VoipIn numbers). You can however use a readily registered DID/VoipIn number, by verifying it in your account. If you would like to use this number with our sip-services, simply use your DID/VoipIn number in the settings. To start using a DDI/DID/VoipIn number, please look for a DID Number provider.”

No clue, I would suggest using DID’s from providers that support Asterisk/FreePBX or at least conventional SIP trunks.

I understand you can make calls to some areas for free with VoipBuster but is it really worth the trouble?

Yes, but if I buy a DID number from a provider that supports Asterisk/FreePBX. HOw do I forward the number to the Asterisk/FreePBX server?

You don’t forward it. You setup a trunk to the provider in FreePBX and the provider sends your calls to the PBX over the Internet. Asterisk sends a registration message to your provider informing them of the IP that they can reach your PBX at. This allows you to use dynamic IP with SIP trunks.

I have bought another DID from and I have set my trunk as follows:

General settings:
Trunk name: Localtelecom
outbound CallerID: 0208114339

And then at outgoing settings i have:
Trunk name Localtelecom
Peerd details:

And then i have registered as follows:
MYUSERNAME:[email protected]

But still can’t make any inbound calls