How to configure inbound route to specfic zap channel

dahdi card with 4 ports i have two “pstn” lines in. channel 1 and 2
i just want when some one call on my first PSTN line its connect with specific inbound route

in easy words how to specified trunk in inbound route things i already do

i make dahdi trunk
FIRST i make “Zap Channel DIDs” put DID (912342342) and channel number (1) but when i search zapata.conf file to change (context =from-zaptel) i find zapata.conf.template (what i do i change the name) anyways i change context =from-pstn to context =from-zaptel from file"zapata.conf.template"

second make inbound route description (anything), DID (912342342) then set the destination (1001 extension)

but when i call DID 912342342 it ring 2 to 3 times and free pbx say number not in service
please tell me where i m mistaking i really thankfull

zaptel has not been used in 4 plus years. Its all part of DAHDI now. How did you setup your PSTN card on your PBX?

i have two pstn lines In in my pstn card i just want incoming calls

first i add trunk on dahdi "dadhi idenfier g0"
then i make 3 extensions 1000, 1001, 1002
then i add incoming routes but i want when some one call on(incoming call) my first pstn line then call transfer to extension 1000 and when some one call(incoming call) to my second pstn line then call transfer two extension 1001 & 1002 i can’t understand how i did this because when i click on INCOMING ROUTE then i cant finded any option to select each trunk (or how to select pstn line for set the destination )

thanks for your respose

Hard to know where you and how you got there, as Tony told you from-zaptel is kinda out of date, I believe that currently your pseudo DID should be in [from-analog] (effectively a synonym for from-dahdi), from-zaptel no longer works anymore. You can set up the pseudo DID in later FreePBX distributions at http(s)://yourbox/admin/config.php?display=dahdichandids or directly in your dahdi config files.

thanks alot from-analog its work

We do still support from-zaptel. Its just points to from-analog.