How to configure inbound/outbound Fax


I am having a tough time trying to get setup Fax. We wish to have faxes come through the PBX instead of doing to the printer/fax via the dedicated PSTN jacked into the printer/fax (inbound).
After that’s done, I would like to be able to send faxes out the PBX (outbound). So far, I have setup up an extension, 230, enabled Fax and ‘Fax Email’ is my email address.

An inbound route was then created with the fax number set under DID. Fax destination is ‘Fax Recipient’.
I removed the PSTN from the back of the printer/fax one afternoon but didn’t get anything from ‘fax show stats’.


Please help!!

Pointing me in the right direction would be highly appreciated.