How to configure DUNDi peer-to-peer communication

Hi Team,

I am sorry, I don’t know whether it would be the right place or not for my issue.

I am trying to make a communication between AsteriskNow Server and Asterisk Business Edition Server.

Asterisk Business Edition server using DUNDi for peer-to-peer communication for routing calls to other PBX server.I had configured dundi.conf and sip.conf on Asterisk Business Edition server.

But I couldn’t able to find the /etc/asterisk/dundi.conf on AsteriskNow server.

Would you please help me with your valuable suggestions for fixing this issue.

Shall I need to create dundi.conf in /etc/asterisk ?

I would think that you would need it. That is the file that Asterisk looks for Dundi information about peers and your local setup. Go ahead and add it, set the permissions and ownership like the rest and load it up. I am not conversant in AsteriskNow, but on several other distros, it needs to be there.

Thanks for your suggestion John. I am going to work on it.