How to configure SIP Trunk

Dear I am new in freepbx, I need to setup and 30 Line Sip Trunk using PFSIP in Freepbx on eth1 port, can you please guild me Thanks

My eth0 is
My Sip Trunk on eth1 is

DID Range: 971xxxxxx00-99
pilot number: 971xxxxxxxx
hostname/sbc: fixedimsmey.duentdxb.duvoip.fmc
username: 971xxxxxxxxp
user IP:
port: 5060
voip protocol: SIP RFC3261 codec priority: G711 (PCMA) DTF: RFC2833/711 in band

in other pbx its working perfectly but i need to setup on freepbx


Hi any one guide me thanks

How do they send the DID identity?

Do the provide global DNS on their DNS servers? (I don’t think the standard installation of FreePBX supports a configuration where you get most of your DNS from the public internet and certain domains from a closed system. You will need to use their DNS exclusively, or you will need to run your own forwarding domain name server, locally.)

Is appended to .fmc, or is their server on a different top level domain?

Does the “sbc” mean it needs to be treated as an outbound proxy?

From what addresses do incoming calls arrive?

Does FreePBX need to make calls on, or receive them from, the public internet? (Requires relatively complex NAT configuration.)

Do they accept caller ID on outgoing calls, and if so how?

Please confirm that no registration is required (seems likely, but need to be sure).

Technically, your eth0 should be /32. It’s on subnet 172.20.0/21 and eth1 is on

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