How to config connecting with two box server PBX using SIP Trunk, [Not SIP Registered]

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(M Rudi Awalludin) #1


I Have two box server PBX, I want to connected one side box to other box server with SIP trunk, not using SIP registered trunk
anyone can help ?

one box IP :
other box IP :

how to config ?


Two servers in the same network ALWAYS connect better over an IAX2 trunk, see my post from an hour ago.

(M Rudi Awalludin) #3

Thanks for reply
what if using IAX2, i’m still using sip extentnion, or iax extention ?


Try it, it won’t be a problem.

(Dave Burgess) #5

IAX2 Trunks (not extensions). There’s a difference.

(M Rudi Awalludin) #6

Hi thanks it’s works, but i get the informations if using IAX have issues delay, right ?


Where did you get that “informations” from? It is wrong!! (and you need to use IAX2 not IAX :wink: )

(M Rudi Awalludin) #8

I get the information from my friend
alright, i will try using the IAX2 first
thanks a lot :innocent: