How to config connecting with two box server PBX using SIP Trunk, [Not SIP Registered]


I Have two box server PBX, I want to connected one side box to other box server with SIP trunk, not using SIP registered trunk
anyone can help ?

one box IP :
other box IP :

how to config ?

Two servers in the same network ALWAYS connect better over an IAX2 trunk, see my post from an hour ago.

Thanks for reply
what if using IAX2, i’m still using sip extentnion, or iax extention ?

Try it, it won’t be a problem.

IAX2 Trunks (not extensions). There’s a difference.

Hi thanks it’s works, but i get the informations if using IAX have issues delay, right ?

Where did you get that “informations” from? It is wrong!! (and you need to use IAX2 not IAX :wink: )

I get the information from my friend
alright, i will try using the IAX2 first
thanks a lot :innocent: