How to config asterisk to make external call

I have my asterisk running ok, but i need to make a call to an external phone, what should i need to configure?

I need some guide to cofigure my asterisk 11.2 from FreePbx to make an external call.

Have you yet been to:-

you should.

You need to decide what type of connection you want FreePBX supports everything from traditional analog phone lines, ISDN and IP based services than use SIP and IAX2. You can purchase SIP Station service from the Sipstation module in FreePBX.

Documentation at

About the SipStation you mentioned, i have a digium card and connected to an E1, i need some specific information from my ISP?, how could i configure my PBX to accept external calls. Is necesary buy an SIP StationService? Im sorry am new in asterisk.

For ISDN connections you don’t need SIP, but you still need to read the wiki :slight_smile:

(to clarify, you don’t need SIP station or a SIP trunk, your extensions might still use SIP though if they use that protocol)

Ok thanks,I will do my best in the reading of the wiki, dont understand how to connect with my isp to provide information about my extensions and the redirection. Well i need to read the wiki. Thanks

You don’t need to connect with your isp, you need to connect with your ISDN provider, please read the wiki to understand the differences of available trunking.

Excuse my boldness you can guide me in the basic steps to configure just an external call?. i m sorry I’m desperate

Don’t be desperate, read the F*&^ng wiki, it takes more than 10 minutes. . .

Ok thanks a lot, realy i need to read the wiki.

No sh^% , I thought we both already told you that!

thanks again dicko, im sorry, if i have some good results I will post here