How to Check Registered Phone's Transport

Hi All, can you please tell me how can I check the transport of registered device either it’s UDP or TCP?

pjsip show contacts (Asterisk CLI module in FreePBX or at the command line via ssh)

TCP and TLS connections should have a ;transport=??? tag telling you if it’s TCP or TLS.

Hi Bill, I do not have PJSIP, I’ve SIP accounts.

sip show peer XXXXX where XXXXX is the extension number.

The Prim. Transp.: field shows you the transport the device is using.

You should also see it in the ;transport= tag of the contact if it’s TCP or TLS.

I knew it but this is to check each extension one by one. Is there a way where we can see all?

Thank You

for i in $(rasterisk -x ' sip show peers'|grep ^[0-9]|grep -v "peers" |awk '{print $1}'|cut -d '/' -f1);do echo -e "$i\t$(rasterisk -x "sip show peer $i"|grep Prim.Transp.)";done

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