How to check, if customers really want to have their call recorded

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Hi all,

we want to include the call-recording feature. Pre-tests are working finde, the recordings in general are set up.
So - we got a announcement, that customers can press 1 or 2, nether to record the call, or not. The two digits are going to the same IVR to select the customer-queue they want to join in.

So, our manager want to know, if there is a possibility to also record, or later check the digit, a customer pressed.
In this case to exactly prove, that a customer pressed 1 to record his call (in terms that a customer complains that he dont know that the call was recorded but we can prove that he really pressed the digit 1 to record the call).

Did you know what i mean? So, it sounds a little bit pointless, i know - but please let me know if there is a way to prove it. Logs maybe?

kind regards and a nice weekend,

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One way is to have an IVR that gives option to either record or not. Depending on option chosen go to Call Recording destination that sets the recording status for the call. Then go to an announcement that says “You have opted to record call” which should form part of the call recording and later serve as proof that they selected that option and were informed.

All of this seems needlessly complicated. The rest of the industry just says ‘call will be recorded for blah blah’ immediately on answer.

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