How to check FreePBX version via command line in CentOS


I want to know how can i check version of FreePBX installed via command line in CentOS.

Naushad Khan

Check the wiki

This works on my centos

That only works if the source was donwloaded to that directory.

A very basic way could be a simple:

yum list freepbx*

and then look at “freepbx.noarch” installed package’s version.

If you have the FreePBX Distro (and not any other Linux distribution with manually installed freepbx) check the Wiki at above provided link.

FreePBX is not officially published as an RPM, this will not work with Genuine FreePBX

If it’s not a FreePBX Distro but a stock CentOS the FreePBX should have been installed via SVN (Subversion) so, somewhere, that info (clearly not via yum…) could be found.

On a standard CentOS install, freepbx will be in /usr/src as described above.
Other distros will be different, but the OP’s question was CentOS specific.

Lots of answers here, but I don’t see anything definitive. The only way I can think to do this is to check the contents of:


While checking for an rpm or for a folder in /usr/src may work on some distros, that may not always be the case. The base version of FreePBX comes from the framework module. Knowing that you can look at module.xml in /var/www/html/admin/modules/framework (on any RedHat based system) or you can do the following on the cli:

amportal a ma list | grep framework
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And that would be from the linux CLI.


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