How to check/debug SIP registration(s) and Log files

Hi, I just downloaded and installed AsteriskNow 1.5b and it uses FreePBX 2.5.00. I have setup a sip extension to my cisco 7940 phone running 3-8-0 firmware. I had this phone working on a asterisk test system a couple years ago. Anyway I dial *97/98 and nothing happens. I think my problem is that my cisco phone is not registering with whatever sip server comes with asteriskNow 1.5b. Are there logs I can check?

Thanks in advance.

you will need to configure the phone for the server that you are now using. best bet is to google cisco 7940 asterisk setup. will have many set’s of documentation explaining what needs to be done.

Thanks, I was missing.

Proxy Registration (0-disable (default), 1-enable)

proxy_register: “1”