How to change the licence duration for a commercial product?



I just installed the FreePBX distro and I would like to buy the EndPoint module from Sangoma.

However, when I click buy, I get only offered the 25 years licence. How can I change that ? I want to use only 1 year first to try out.




(Lorne Gaetz) #2

It’s available from the portal store at

Browse to FreePBX, Commercial modules a-la-carte, 1 year licenses.


Thank you!

If I buy it from the portal, will it show up in my installation magically ? If not, how do I install it ?

(Itzik) #4

You enter your deployment ID, once the purchase is complete click on update activation in your PBX.

(Andrew) #5

Take a look here - Installing Purchased Commercial Modules - PBX GUI - Documentation (



I went and try to buy a licence on the portal but it asks for “Deployment Option” and I dont know what to enter


I was expecting that I would receive a licence number, so I typed licence and that was “not found”.

Any hint ?



(Itzik) #7

You need to enter your PBX’s deployment ID. It can be found under Administration - System Admin - Activation.