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How to change pound key # to direct call in grandstream ip phone

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Hello to the community,

I am pretty new in the freepbx community,
I have ip phone GRANDSTREAM model GXP2160 and connected to server voip “Asterisk now” all of call are good, My problem i need to active # “pound key” on the ip phone to make call like (#100) when press this #100 i need call to extension 100 , because already the # on the ip phone make redial call at the last call when i received.
Any help to change redial from # to make when press #100 to call direct to extension .



Change Call Settings -> Key As Send from ‘Pound (#)’ to ‘Disabled’.

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Dear Mr.Reraikes,
Thank you for your replay,
After flow your steps the pound key (#) is disable but i want to use the (#) to dial like #100 or #200 but i have error on Grandstream screen ( no dial plan rules matched)


Does Call Settings -> Dial Plan define a ‘#’ as allowable input?

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Dial Plan: {x+|+x+|*x+|xxx+}

if you mean add to input like:

{x+|+x+|*x+|xxx+|#x+} or anything else ?


I just tested:


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I will check it as soon as possible

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{x+|+x+|*x+| xx x+|#x+}

I tried when add the “#x+” finally working as fine

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