How to change keyboard setting on Freepbx official distro


I installed a fresh Freepbx distro and would like to change keyboard setup.

I need to set it as azerty but at this time keyboard is qwerty configured and generate issues to log-in over SSH.

I did not find how to did when connected to the console, yum commands did not help me to do it.

Many thanks for your help,

Once the distro installed, is there a way to change keyboard setting ?

This issue totaly stucks me to connect through SSH remotely.
At the moment keyboard config is qwerty and i need to change it to azerty.


Shouldn’t be a problem on Debian based systems :-

dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration

This command is not accepted , I entered it locally from Freepbx console as root

I tried to add ‘sudo’ but command still not accepted

[[email protected] sysconfig]# dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration
-bash: dpkg-reconfigure: command not found

Do I miss something there ?

I was able to reconfigure the keyboard with the following command ;


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