How to change default feature codes?

Have a customer that wants very specific feature codes for flow controls that overlap with the existing ones. As in they basically want to reorder *280-*284. I looked in the database and see a column for defaultcode and customcode. What’s the easiest way to change this? When I try from the GUI it warns me that it already exists even if I change them to something else completely first (I made *380-*384).

I tried manually changing the values in the database which works, but in the GUI as soon as I change something and click on Apply Config it reverts back to what it was before…

update featurecodes set defaultcode=’*282’ where featurename=‘toggle-mode-3’&&modulename=‘daynight’;

What am I missing?

You have to change the ones that already exist to something they are not and save/apply those changes. Then you can use them as another code for another feature. Changing them all at once still has the entries in the database and will give you duplicate errors.

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