How to change admin password from GUI?


I read this
but FreePBX GUI do not have “Administrators” item in Admin menu.

Newer versions of FreePBX use the User Management module which is documented at

But I do not see user “admin” in Admin - User Management menu

The ‘admin’ user is actually for local connections and is usually found in the “Asterisk Manager Users” under Settings.

but I do not see user “admin” under Settings - Asterisk Manager Users

Is this a FreePBX Distro install?

Yes .

any comments?
how to find “admin” user in GUI?

Add it to the Asterisk Manager Users.

I cannot create “admin” user - i try, but nothing happens.

It is impossible to set password to FreePBX 13 web admin?

you copypaste link from my first message?

I dont think you are using FreePBX Distro. Sounds like you are using PIAF maybe.

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I use Distro.
see my answer Oct’16

FreePBX do not ask any login/password when i open web interface for administration

Settings, Advanced Settings, Authorization Type

Settings -> Advanced Settings
do not have “Authorization Type” option

Settings, Advanced Settings enable both ‘Display Readonly Settings’ and ‘Override Readonly Settings’

This really smells like PIAF, but do you have a file at /etc/pbx/runonce or a file at /etc/pbx/httpdconf/pbx.conf and can you paste its contents for us if they exist on your system? :wink: