How to callback a number from voicemail?

Today when i receive a voicemail on my cell phone and listen to it, one of the options is to proceed in calling the number back(assuming callerID was left) straight from within the voicemail system.

I wanted to know if this is a feature that exists in FreePBX or perhaps someone knows a way to enable this. Ideally i would like the extension of that voicemail to be the one making the call so that my CDR records records it as such, but at this point i will take what i can get.

Many thanks

callback=from-internal (be careful !)

So you wrote “Be Careful” obviously with anything in Asterisk and conf files I need to be careful, but is there a specific pitfall or issue i should be on the lookout.

Thanks again for this I really appreciate it.

from-internal context gives the voicemail process access to every part of your dialplan, including bridging and making conference calls, just watch out for those palestinians :slight_smile:

It’s a major pitfall. Had a client turn this on and got a 5000 phone bill in one night. If you can reach your VM’s from the outside world make sure they have super duper extra heavy duty 10 digit passwords or folks will break into mail box and make calls on your dime.

ideally you would make your own context that limited calls to only perhaps allow local and LD, and the dial command can further be limited to some few seconds. Perhaps use one of your outrt-n in extensions_additional.conf as a template if you are not comfortable with building from scratch.

Funny you say palestinians, these guys are Horrible! how come they cant be shut down or something.

have you done anything to shut them out?

Tight restrictive firewall rules that ONLY permit known semi-trusted networks, non standard ports on most everything open to the tubes particularly HTTPS and SIP, a standard suite of IDS tools, in my case csf/lfd, rootkithunter, fail2ban, and snmp logging into a mon service.

Most important, a regular audit of all the above, that they are up to date and catch my black-hat probes. Without doubt a regular perusal of logfiles to notice unexpected change of size day to day anything abnormal is a flag to look into those logs to see why . . .

i wish there was a way just to get the IP ranges of united states ISP’s, its the data centers in US and overseas that are killing me somtimes

you can, just google for the latest list, but the ipv4 address space is so fragmented that simple iptable rules become unfeasible, some firewalls support “geoip” databases that add their own chains. Simply allowing/denying on /8 networks needs a maximum of 254 rules and are a good start, catch a baddie and deny his /8 network if you have a permisive set of rules, probably deny all “cloud” address spaces, they are more and more the source of these vectors, sorry all you guys that use them, your enum space is already too polluted. Again I suggest, just don’t use udp/5060 for SIP signalling, it just unnecessarily invites attacks.

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