How to call inmidiatly when iam handout the phone?

How can I call an extension since I pick up the phone?

Like phone for an elevator

Most IP phones have a ‘hotline’ feature – you program the desired extension to be called into the phone.

If the elevator phone is analog and connected to an ATA or FXS gateway, you would program the ATA or gateway to automatically dial the extension when the analog phone goes off hook.

There is nothing you can do in FreePBX to accomplish this function, because most phones do not contact Asterisk until a number has been manually or automatically entered.

Phone or gateway make/model?

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I assume you are talking about a SIP phone, in which case that is a function of the phone, not the PABX.

I haven’t used analogue phones with Asterisk, let alone FreePBX but I think, for them, it is simply a question of defining an s extension in the initial context.

This is not sufficient for VoIP devices, as they don’t, naturally, start talking to the PABX until a number that matches their dial plan has been keyed in.

What sort of phone do you have?

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ATA analogy phone, goes to ONT/ONU/OLT GPON

What is the make and model of ATA?

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Its a ONT



Can you provide a pointer to an online English language (technical) user guide.

Also, please confirm that you have configured this to connect to your FreePBX system, rather than your GPON provider’s PSTN gateway.

It wouldn’t surprise me if you are trying to exceed the capabilities of something intended to replace a domestic phone line.


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