How to bypass IVR for some specific callers

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Hello dears

I want to bypass the IVR for some specific callers and force them to connect to an extension automatically.
How can I do that.

thank you for supports.


Add an inbound route for that caller’s CallerID(number) and DID if needed, point it to wherever you want

(Daniel) #3

thank you.
but I was wrong to describe my scenario.
adding an inbound route is good if I have a few numbers of specific callers.
but I have some list of callers, I have to bypass IVR for them.

(Lorne Gaetz) #4

A whitelist? Of Robocalls and Whitelists

(Daniel) #5

it was interesting but actually, I want to check the callers ID and route them to the related extension.

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If the treatment is potentially different for every number, I would imagine a separate inbound route is one of the most straight-forward options. Bulk Handler may help you speed things up.

A more hack-y way to do it is to turn on superfecta lookup.

  • On your phonebook module, make a caller ID entry for the number you want to screen.
  • On the caller name field enter the extension you would like to connect to.
  • Once done you now have callerID(nam) as variable with your desired extension number in it.
  • The phonebook module is depreciated and may not be there in the long term.

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That is exactly what that does with the use of a whitelist.

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