How to bulk add users to User Management after upgrade

I have a couple large PBX installs, one with over 500 extensions/users, and after upgrading from ARI to UCP under 10.x, I found out most started complaining that they couldn’t access Voice Mail via the panel anymore.

Looking under User Management, I see that there is a default group of “All Users”, but that nobody of my 500+ users are in that default group, in fact nobody is in any group at all. Now if this was just a hand full of users, it wouldn’t be such a big deal, but with almost 600 users on one PBX, and over 300 on another I maintain, the idea of setting permissions one at a time for 1000 users is pretty daunting when they all had working Vmail under ARI.

I have looked around, but I don’t see any obvious way to put everyone into the default group, so I can enable the features they are used to having. Has anyone figured this out yet, and of so would you please toss me a clue?

Nobody has run into this??

I’m not at a machine that I can check, but look in the “Bulk Update” (I think) module. I’m pretty sure it manages the group information. I know that it allows for Voicemail Setup and that there have been some recent updates to help us out.

Everything is current, all modules are renewed. I think the major issue for me is, it says it created an “All Users” group by default, and I thought by default everyone was part of that group, but that doesn’t seem to be the case. I am guessing as this was an upgraded PBX, it didn’t automatically bring everyone into the default group.

If I am right on that guess, then the million dollar question is, how can I drag all 600 extensions into the default group, so everyone has UCP voice mail access by default. At the moment it looks like I have to run in though the User Management module, and add each user one at a time, and with that many extensions, it’s sure going to be a long tedious process. So hopefully there is some way to do this en mass.

Cynjut gave you the answer. Use bulk handler. The module.

Damn, I missed that one, sorry about that… I didn’t even realize that had been put into the system that way, but I will take a serious look at it for sure…

Thanks for you and Cynjut…