How to build a readable CDR report

Hello to all,

We are trying to build an interface for a better readable format of the CDR records, we are using FreePBX 15 with Asterisk 13 and all the modules updated to their last version. We are connecting to the “asteriskcdrdb” database using the default user “freepbxuser” and reading the “cdr” table for this. We use extensions, queues, IVRs and most of the basic stuff in the PBX, but in the end we would like to visualize a more concise record of each call.

Since several records or events can be stored in a call, we have not been able to correctly match the records of the same Uniqueid in order that a single call record can be displayed. I wanted to know if someone could share their experience in this regard and know what is the criteria or fields to evaluate in the cdr table in order to create a summary record per call. Or even if we are doing something wrong of the above we would like to receive any suggestions.

Thanks in advance for your advice and help.

I would also be interested in this as well.

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