How to block outgoing call to a range of numbers?

Hello everyone! making a blacklist for incoming calls its pretty easy, but i really cant find out how to prevent my extension to be able to call some numbers

lets say that i want that no one can call 199 XXX XXX (in italy those numbers make you to pay sooo many money, this is why i want that no one inside my company can call this numbers)

well, i really cant figure out how to achieve this!
i guess i’ve to set it up in the “dial pattern” for my outbound route, but how? i google d a lot and i saw someone using “_” or “/” but i actually didnt understood if this is the correct way and how to properly use it!

from what i’ve understood, another way to block outgoing call to a range of numbers is to create a “dead” trunk and add an outbound routes with dials patters like the above example “199 XXX XXX” so when someone call those numbers they will go on the dead trunk and wont be able to call??

any ideas? :stuck_out_tongue:

You create an outbound route that matches that pattern, just like you do with an Inbound Route. You point that Outbound Route to a blackhole/terminate/error message, etc. You then put that Outbound Route at the top of the route list.

If they dial that pattern, that route will match first and deal with the call. If it’s not that pattern it will move to the next route in the list.

thanks for your reply! i’ll test it asap

btw in the meanwhile i founded (here: Dial Patterns - Phones - Documentation)
that you actualyl can use “^” to block a pattern… but it doesnt work out! see screenshots below please ^^

Are you using Sangoma phones? The Phone section of the Wiki refers to Sangoma phones not all phones in general.

Depending on the maker of the phone, the phone’s digit pattern matching rules/syntax can be different

ah! thats the trick, didnt realize it!

Going to test with you advice and will let you know if i succeed! thanks for the info man, appreciate ^^

it worked perfectly man! love you, thanks!

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