How to backup and restore Freepbx Distro VPN configuration

Hello I have multiple servers. I have a primary server that we use daily and I have 2 servers that are configured as hot spares. I use the automatic backup / restore built into Freepbx to accomplish this Warm Spare Setup.

The problem is that the current backup module does not backup and restore VPN configuration due to it requiring root access as per “Sysadmin VPN Clients are not backed up”.

Can anyone assist me with what I would need to do to backup the Freepbx Distro VPN server configuration from our primary server. I would also need assistance with instruction on how to restore the backups from the Primary Server to our 2 hotspare servers. The goal here is to configure the hostspare servers exactly the same so that users can still use their VPN clients as they normally would even when connected to a hotspare server when the primary server is down.

Hoping that someone can help please.

Have you tried doing a directory back up of the VPN settings by setting the path as a directory backup? Kind of a band aid fix but may help you along.

1: On your hot spare under the backup you’re using for this hit the “+” sign and choose "Directory"
2: In /path/to/dir put /etc/openvpn this should backup the entire openvpn folder where the configs are.
3: Run your backup/restore job
4: Compare your /etc/openvpn folders on the primary/hot spare to confirm it copied.

Give that a shot. That’s how I’ve backed up the VPN configs before.


OK sounds fantastic I will give that a try and I will report back and let everyone know if that worked or not. I sure appreciate your time and suggestions.