How to auto-logoff agent if the agent does not answering the call

Hello All,

I am running Asterisk 1.8.9+FreePBX 2.9.
How to Auto-Logoff Agent if the agent is not answering the call in n seconds?

I found this options in /etc/agents.conf …but FreePBX seems like does not use it…

could any body please help?

many thanks in advance


Same question here, anyone?

agents.conf has not been used by Asterisk since 1.2 or 1.4 days.

FreePBX has no auto logout but I think Asterisk has some feature but I have not used it.

I wonder what the feature might be called, if it will work for us, and how we might use it? Perhaps one of the call-center gurus out there has something working in this arena that they would be willing to share? We will start digging into this, to see what we can find.

Has there been any sort of workaround for the autologoff of acd agents? If anyone can share thier solution, it would be greatly appreciated. i have been searching for this for days and cannot find a solution or ones that are back in the 1.4 days that are no longer appropriate…
i just would like to log off deadbeat agents that stay logged in and screw up the queue since they are higher priority/penalty and cause a bottleneck if they use the restroom and forget to DND…

anyone??? much TIA!!!

Same problem with me. Is there a solution?

Since FreePBX 2.11 their is a option in queue to auto pause agents if they miss a call.

So if an agent becomes paused, how do they know they are paused and how do they unpause?

Agents do not ring, they wait and listen to the MOH and automatically receive calls. When a phantom agent remains online he continues to receive calls and auto pause agent not doing the job.

Is there any idea for this variant?


when we had fonality pbxtra, they early on had a feature of agent missed calls and agents would be logged out of all the queues that they are loggged into. in the queue setup, you would set to auto-logoff agent if they miss ‘n’ calls. I think this is how it was set up, namely on the queue level and not the agent level.
It worked great. Agent forgets to log out of queue and goes home, the agent rings three times and then gets logged out. then the queue empty behaviour kicks in and the calls got to voicemail or night mode instead of ringing his phone for the next hour or two.
also worth noting is that the behaiour could be set so that if an agent was on the other line (inbound or outbound) and they missed a call because it was a second line, that would not be considered a missed call and they get logged out upon getting off the phone call. they are still member of queue or queues.

something to think about i suppose…i sort of relagated to assuming this will work when there is a stronger need. I am suprised that this was a feature when Fonality just developed PBXtra in 2004 or so and in 9 years, it never got picked up or reliably works in an open source version. One day i suppose, but it is a feature call centers have a need for i believe…


monkey - Please put in a feature request.