How to authorize IP addresses

Hi Everyone

I have an Asterisk&Free PBX server recently setup and has it’s own static IP (IP:x.x.x.101)and I am quite new to the process but have been reading a lot of online information about setting up FreePBX.

However, I have successfully created a couple of extension and a sip trunk from my Voip provider and I can make local (UK) calls with no issues.

Now!! I need to authorize my second Asterisk server’s IP address (IP:x.x.x.102 and I will be calling it Server2) so that I can use my FreePBX server IP address as the Provider’s Trunk and route the traffic from Server2 to my FreePBX.

My issues are:

1/ how to configure asterisk to be able to make international calls (I think this is related to Dial Pattern)?

2/ how to add the the Server2’s IP address in my FreePBX server so that it uses my FreePBX server IP as the wholesale provider’s trunk to connect the calls.

Please note I have followed this article but had no luck:

and also note that the Server2 works fine with other providers IPs addresses.

This is my first time asking questions in this forum and I will be highly appreciating your help.


Sorry, I just moved this article to the General Help forum.