How to assign a Static IP to my server Freepbx sangona

Hi, can someone please tell me how can i assign a static IP to my server Freepbx/ sangoma. Thanks in advance for your help

Where do you host your Freepbx server?

my freePBX server is hosted on a Dell Destop

You can either follow the steps in the article above or get static IP from your router

The reply from Dicko is an article for setting the static IP of the FreePBX host (Dell Desktop).

If your question is about the static IP for Settings → SIP Settings → External Address or in Connectivity → Trunks → in specified Trunk PJSIP Settings tab → in Advanced tab → From Domain; then you will need the following:

  1. An internet connection with either a static IP or a use a Dynamic DNS setup that keeps your external IP updated to a FQDN.
  2. Enter either your WAN (internet external) IP or DDNS FQDN in the fields mentioned above.

Best of luck!

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