How to "Apply Changes" without making changes

Is there any way to perform the equivalent of “amportal a r” from within the FreePBX web interface without actually making any configuration changes?

I ask because a customer had a long power outage over the weekend, and their TISP SIP Trunk (Clearfly) wasn’t working this morning until I made a trivial change in the FreePBX config & saved, then reverted that change & saved, then clicked Apply Config.

This caused the SIP trunk on the FreePBX status page to change from an offline to online state.

I think the problem was probably the result of the phone system finishing its bootup before the firewall did, and maybe the ClearFly trunk connection got hung up in some status that did not enable ongoing retries to the connection establishment. Not sure.

But it would be handy to be able to have a button like Apply Config in FreePBX available to be used at will.

Any ideas on this are appreciated.



No there isn’t. Really not even a full reload is actually needed, you could have just reloaded the appropriate sip driver and gotten the same results. (force it to register, etc)

“fwconsole restart” should work, right?

That will work but it’s kind of a sledgehammer for when a finishing hammer is needed. fwconsole reload is what is actually happening with an Apply Config. A restart does exactly what it says, stops and starts the services while a reload just reloads the configs, etc into memory to be used.

No dispute, but if the “fwconsole reload” doesn’t reset the connection, “fwconsole restart” would solve the problem.

In those cases, sure. That works but again I don’t need to do a full reload if I want to reload dialplan, I just do dialplan reload or if I want Chan_SIP to pull in new details, sip reload, etc. so it all depends on what you are doing.

fwconsole restart shouldn’t be the first option as it will kill everything, including calls if just running it willy nilly.