How to Answer A Call - When Different Extension is Ringing?

Guys need help here…I have a 3 Polycom IP335 handset which also has its own extension.

My Handset - Ext. 1071
Handset B- Ext. 1072
Handset C- Ext. 1073

How can I pick up the call when Handset B or Handset C will ring? specially when the person incharge for Handset B and C are out, and I am very far from their phone to pick up the calls.



  1. Make sure all phones are in the call pickup and call group then you can dial *8# and pick up any thone in the group, or
  2. Use directed call pickup and dial ** and the extension number, or
  3. Program a BLF for each extension on your phone. When the other phone rings, the button will light you press the button and you will answer the ringing extension.
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Thank you so much for the reply W5WAF, I was able to pick up a call right now using ** and the extension number which is ringing.

By the way how can I create a call pickup and call group? I am using a freepbx distro.

I am new to this system and I really appreciate your response.


This is set up on the extension setup page. You’ll notice a couple of boxes marked Call Group and Call Pickup Group. Put the same number say 1 in each of those boxes and 1 in the boxes of the phones you want to pick up, you’ve assigned all those phones to call group and call pickup group “1” and then you can pick up any of these calls with *8 or *8#.

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