How to add to SIP header new Content-Type: application/xml to

Hi there.

I have a big problem, can’t find any help on the google, how to add and extra Content-Type: application/xml to the SIP Header in the FreePBX what I am using.

I am really out of luck, and I am really desperate.


Because that’s not a header, that is part of the Body of message to tell it that the body contains that content type. Which means you would have to generate the XML in the body as well.

Asterisk is not suited for that.

I am a real newbie to this one, but in my wireshark trace I can find this one:

Again, this can’t be done in Asterisk. So this is moot.

Better for you to explain the problem you are trying to solve. For example you might have XML bodies in INFO packets. Do you need to generate info packets, and why? An INVITE, which you show here, would not have an XML body.

Thanks for the quick reply, can you suggest any software related solution, which can include in the INVITE part XML body?

Nobody can - you haven’t told us what problem you are trying to solve. You’ve told us a solution that’s impossible to implement and then ask us how to make it “not impossible”.

Tell us what the real problem, not a solution that doesn’t work.

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The situation is the following:


From cisco phone I generate a phone call, which passes through the FreePBX ( point A) where it receives P-Asserted Identity, goes through SBC until it hits our internal SIP Server (point B), and here I can see in our logs the P-Asserted Identity.

But the task now gets harder when I need to add to the SIP Invite another Content-Type application/xml and point A with some data which will be included until it reaches point B

So I hope i was able to explain it better now.

Thanks for the help.

You have a SBC and a SIP server, none of these support this? Why does the INVITE need an XML Body type? That generally isn’t how that is done.

We can make it happen through the SBC, but my task is to test it on the SBC. so I need a source from this is coming and not from the SBC. If I was able to tell it clearly.


OK so again, this isn’t going to happen on Asterisk. So if you need another system to send you calls with this information, you’ll need another SBC or SIP Proxy/Server that can let you do this.

There isn’t any help we can provide for this because none if it has to do with Asterisk.

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