How to add RTSP videostream to calls (video doorphone)

I’m trying to figure out how to add an external IP videostream to an existing call, but I’m not sure how to proceed.

Currently the doorphone calls a ringgroup, anyone who answers first will get the (audio)call. Now we have installed an AXIS camera aimed at the door and I would like to use the RTSP stream so that SIP videophones can also see who is at the door.

I’ve looked at openRTSP, but I have no idea how to succesfully use it in this case.

Any suggestion is welcome.

Hi, I’m trying to do exactly the same. I know this is an old post, but I can’t find anything similar.
Did you found a solution in the meanwhile?

Doing it the other way round, Grandstream cameras have an inbuilt SIP client that works with Asterisk. I already had a pair of these cameras in my cctv system and connected the SIP features to my pbx as a test, they worked fine. They deliver H.264 streams to suitable video phones as well as 2 way audio. Not the greatest of cameras but the SIP features could be useful for some. More info here:

Also Axis do the AXIS A8004-VE video doorphone which they claim is compatible with Asterisk. Pricy, though.

No solution yet other then using devices to combine analog video with SIP audio. As JohnF sugested Grandstream has some affordable devices. I bought a GXV3500 a while a go, and when time permits I’m going to try to configure it for this situation. Although it forces me to install a new microphone and some sort of active speaker instead of using an existing SIP audio channel from a different source.

However looking at the SIP documentation I’m almost sure it is possible to make a custom configuration in which an external RTSP stream can be inserted while the SIP session is initiated. However I don’t have the knowledge to do this.

I think these kind of setups are also used for custom conferenceroom installs in which there is a conference phone supported by an external PTZ camera of some sort.


i am in the same Situation. I have a Door-Bell that makes a SIP-Call if the Dorr-Bell-Button is pressed.
At the Moment this works with a AVM Fritz!Box7490.

In Addition, I have a Camera installed at the Door and it would be really nice to integrate the Camera Stream (H264) into that SIP-Call.

The Question is, can I manually override the SIP-Stream-Source at the Extensions in FreePBX?
Is there a way to configureate this in 08.2017?

I was really confident this would be possible with asterisk.

Greets Peter

Did anyone already succeed adding RTSP stream? how?

@Peter666 @Postman @tsunami
thnx in advance

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