How to add RTSP videostream to calls (video doorphone) - reloaded

Sorry but the previous post was closed, the topic is interesting, this youtube video show how to use rtsp stream from different sources trought linphone:

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Right now is there another way to do the same without an external UAC?

Cool, thnx for sharing, will have a look later
for now i’m using this app:

It works, but not with linphone, for some reason… i’m using now acrobits softphone, working good, setup a confbridge an inviting the RTSP stream…

Created isue here:

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I used this at one point with some success: GitHub - larkguo/sip2rtsp: sip/ims protocol to rtsp protocol gateway

Probably obvious to most people but with RTSP you don’t negotiate codecs… you use what the RTSP source publishes. So you would have to configure your SIP client exactly or go through a b2bua that will transcode (Asterisk won’t transcode video).

Hmm , not sure how i can implement that in asterisk? how does that work?

It’s just a little gateway utility that you can run either on the Asterisk server or some other server that is close to your RTSP source. Wherever you run it, it needs to be able to communicate with both Asterisk and the RTSP device(s). In my case the RTSP devices are on my home network and Asterisk is cloud-hosted so I ran the gateway on a small linux device on the home network.

so , just an question

is it possible for like extension 6000 (no video) calls to 6001 , and 6001 can answer and see the rtsp video ?

also watched the video from first post, but still unclear to me how to inject that in asterisk and use it in dialplan, how can i use /dev/video , and specify it to an endpoint for example?
So if that endpoint calls another endpoint , it will show the video? i dont see any options to specify an /dev/video device to endpoint

Video is not managed inside asterisk, it’s linphone endpoint that link the rtsp.
The sip extension, get connected to the /dev/videox.
v4l2-ctl --list-devices show the webcam that should be available inside linphone.
It works, but should setup a one to one extension with /dev/video.

yeah, i have it working too , trying to get it running on a docker instance
i now invite the (rtsp endpoint) to a confbridge as a second user

but was hoping for a better/easier solution

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