How to add phone number/name pairs in freepbx 16

Hi. I have an inbound route to a conference, but when I display the phone numbers, a lot of them say wireless caller for the name. I have superfecta installed, but what I want to do is add name/number pairs, so I can get the actual names which I can find manually.

There used to be an asterisk phonebook, but it seems to be no longer available, so how is this now done?

Thanks in advance for any suggestions.

The replacement for phonebook is Contact Manager and works with Superfecta.

OK, I will try that and see if it works. Thanks.

Well, I went to contact manager and it talks about editing the group ā€“ I was looking at internal, but I could not find a way to add a single entry and the columns did not have a column for phone number ā€“ are you sure this is the right place?

Iā€™m sure. You want an external group

So, if I create an external group and add a user, will superfecta look up the number of that user and display it on the conference display?

Additional question, if I create an external group, how do I add the user(s) and particularly which field gets the phone number?


So, I did the following: created an external group called numbers. Added a couple of users and added the phone number of each user. But nothing happens like in the old phonebook where I could see the numbers when I did a list of a conference. Am I doing something wrong here? I have superfecta enabled.

Hi Covici

Do you still need help?

I am good, but I am going to put some steps, because it was not obvious.

I had to go to contact manager and create an external group, I called it numbers. Then I was able to add contacts to that group and add a number for each contact. Then I had to go to superfecta and make sure that the contact manager was first on the list of cources and that did it.

Happy you got there, I had the same hassle and it was that last point that got me too.

Its a shame the interface has become inconsistant

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