How to add OVH phone numbers to freepbx

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Hello there,

I migrated phone numbers to the OVH interface where I have a trunk too. I want to integrate the phone numbers on the freepbx and link each number with an extension for incoming and outgoing calls. how can I do it please? and how with one singl trunk i could use all phones numbers in my freepbx?

N.B: i already created an inbound route with my number in it (DID number) but it doesnt work even if the trunk sip works good for inbounds and outbounds calls

Thank you

Thanks in advance

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Create a catchall inbound route, call that DID, check in CDR how the DID looks there, and then create an inbound route for each DID.

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thanks for your resposne .
i did what you asked me if you mean by the catch all route (an inbound call with any any ) but the number i’m calling is not ringing and not in the CDR report but it’s ring if i call the sip trunk

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I assume that these DIDs are not pointing to your PBX. Or… Something is wrong with the INVITE.

To find out, in the Asterisk console enable SIP debug

If you use ChanSIP, sip set debug on. If PJSIP, pjsip set logger on.

Call that DID, paste the output on and post the link here.

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that’s my question , i want to point the dids to my pbx (as i understand if i creat the trunk the dids are automaticly linked to my pbx byt just creating simple inbound routes with the phone number)

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Provide a call trace for an inbound call via pastebin

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it works now for me . i forwarded the numbers (alias) in ovh interface to trunk sip in its works fine now .
thanks you all for your time

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