How to add node with subnodes in EPM basefile Editor

Through the Commercial EPM basefile editor, I want to add a setting to my config files for the html page address to be used in the polycom microbrowsers.

Normally you would add the setting to a polycom sip.cfg file.

But EPM works differently - it disseminates the edits to a file proper to each and every phone. So you can’t solve the problem by manually editing a single file, thus you have to use the basefile editor in EPM.

In my case, I want to add something to ext.cfg for my Polycom model (601).
I need to add this:

<main mb.main.home="http://my/site.local" />

My problem is that in the basefile editor provides four fields:
File: sip.cfg
Section: ???
Parameter: mb.main.home
value: http://mywebsite.local

For the section, I need to create a node with two subnodes, not just add a parameter. how do I enter <sip><microbrowser><main> as a section? How can I add my node correctly? I’ve looked in the docs, but can’t figure out how to do this from what is written there.

Well, nobody knows (or can tell me) how to add the nodes through the basefile editor.

So I created a blank cfg file in /tftpboot called global.cfg

Then I used the basefile editor to edit mac.cfg for my polycom phone model, and added global.cfg to the list of configuration files that the phone loads. When the template is applied and the configs rebuilt, they now all use the gloabl.cfg.

So I placed my xml nodes (from my original post above) in that global.cfg.

It worked perfectly.
Just a note for anyone doing this: if you have a polycom 601, it won’t recognize the web address if it is a directory (and use the default file) unless you add a trailing / - the newer phones don’t have this problem.

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