How to add endpoint manager settings for polycom phones?

I am trying to add back the microbrowser settings for polycom 650 phones after “upgrading” to the commercial endpoint manager. I’m running 5.211.65-6. Does anyone know how to do this?

Take a look at the manual in the wiki.

You use the base file editor.

I did read the manual however it is outdated and missing a lot of information. I finally figured it out by studying the resulting xml. It’s very different from the xml in the oss endpoint manager. I’m not even sure I’d say it’s any easier to deal with in this paid version. I even paid for an hour of support and turned in a ticket yet no one ever called.

I see 3 responses to your ticket. The last one at 2:32pm where we specifically asked you a question and yet you never replied. We do not call on every ticket as it would significantly slow the workflow down. We call on high priority issues like system downtime, system crashes and no inbound or outbound or internal calling or if a call is requested. Posting your number in a ticket like so “XXX-XXX-XXXX x till 5pm DST.” doesnt really say “call me”

I put my number in the ticket because support said…

“If you need help getting the basics set up let me know and give me a number where I can reach you. I rather imagine the other phones will work as is too.”

We are clearly not looking at the same ticket then…

9:14am ticket opened
9:56am told I need to buy credits
10:08am responded that I bought credits
11:35am I asked if I need to do call or wait for a call
11:47am asked what phone I am using and told to enable ssh
11:53am provided above info
2:54pm was told support tried same phone on their system and it worked ok - support asks for my phone number.
2:59pm told support I figured out everything on my own except rebooting phones - I provide phone number.
4:32 support responds "not sure. Which phones won’t reboot? All of them?"
5:00pm went home

I don’t want to argue about this too much but your original comment was “I even paid for an hour of support and turned in a ticket yet no one ever called.” which makes it seem as though we completely ignored you, which I had to rebut because we did contact you (minus the phone call) and there were a few back and forths. I think there was some miscommunication between you and the support tech in terms of a phone call, so the call was not made, that is all. But you made it seem as though you handed us money and we didn’t do anything.

We are indeed looking at the same ticket. I work in PST time so it’s 2:32 for me and 4:32 for you. The last response was our tech asking you a question to which you never responded.

But I digress, you’ve gotten my attention so lets work through this.

Polycom phones will only reboot if a configuration change has been made and they need to have previously registered to said server. So registered -> change config -> initiate reboot. You can also force the reboot command on the command prompt (in asterisk, by running asterisk -rvvvvvv)

sip notify polycom-reboot [ext]

If that works and endpoint manager doesnt then reply back here and let’s see what we can go through.

I’m not going to argue either and I appreciate your help but I would say that “you made it seem as though you handed us money and we didn’t do anything.” is a fairly accurate statement. If you read all the responses from support I really wasn’t offered anything to try or even close to a solution.

Thank you for your ideas I will work on it Monday.

I am sorry you feel that way but I have to disagree with you outright. Of the 60 credits you purchased only 10 have been billed, which was the time it took the support technician to take a polycom phone set it up and provision it using the Commercial Endpoint Manager, Therefore you still have 50 outstanding credits to use.

“sip notify polycom-reboot [ext]” does not work on the phone that I have set up through the paid endpoint manager. It does work on any phone that still is running under the oss endpoint manager.

tm1000… sip notify polycom-reboot [ext] does not work for the phone that I set up with epm. It does work for other phones that were set up with oss epm. Support does not know what to do. Do you have any ideas?

That command works through Asterisk and it does not matter if you are using the Paid or open source version. Like I said before the command will only reboot polycom’s who have had their configuration files changed

I agree that that command does not care which version you are using. What I see however is that the phone that has xml/firmware that was from the paid epm will not reboot even if the config is changed. A phone that has xml/firmware from oss epm will reboot. It will reboot any time that you issue the command. The config file does not have to change. How would that command know if the config file changed or not?