How to add customisations to extensions_custom.conf by FreePBX web GUI?


I would try this solution for notifying users about missed calls provided by @PitzKey at the thread Missed call Notification on Email

I’ve read that in FreePBX you shouldn’t edit the config files directly but do it by the web GUI. Can anybody navigate me to the GUI’s editor for the related file?

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Not sure what you’ve read, but there is no reason why you are forced to edit files using the GUI. Here is the GUI module for config file edit:

Thank you @lgaetz!

Maybe you can give me also a hint regarding my next question: @PitzKey wrote that he added his customisation to the extensions_custom.conf file. From what he wrote I assume that the customisation has to be added for every single extension. I wonder why they have to be added to extensions_custom.conf and not to extensions_additional.conf. I wonder becuase the users’ extensions’ dialplans are defined in the latter config file.

[[email protected] ~]# head /etc/asterisk/extensions_additional.conf
;          Do NOT edit this file as it is auto-generated by FreePBX.             ;
; For information on adding additional paramaters to this file, please visit the ;
; wiki page, or ask on IRC. This file was created by the new FreePBX ;
; BMO - Big Module Object. Any similarity in naming with BMO from Adventure Time ;
; is totally deliberate.                                                         ;

So if I add sth. to the extensions_custom.conf the system knows automatically that I want to edit the extensions_additional.conf and not the extensions.conf or do I have to reference the file to be edited?

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