How to add "config edit" under FreePBX

Hi Gents,

I have a perfectly working server as follows:

Asterisk 1.4
zaptel and Libpri
FreePBX 2.4
A2B 1.3.2

Every time I need to edit one of Asterisk conf files under /etc/asterisk/, /etc/ or /tftpboot I have to ssh to the server.

How do I add “Config Edit” as a GUI item under Tools/Support OR Tools/System Administration? that covers the following directories:


Any feedback is appreciated.


Config Edit is a Trixbox and I do not believe it allows editing outside of /etc/asterisk, you may want to look at using webmin

Config Edit is not only Trixbox. Other distros are using it like PIAF.

I have used TB extensively, it allow editing of /etc, etc/asterisk and /tftboot

I believe there must be away to add that to FreePBX.


FreePBX is not a distro it is a standalone product which is included in many distros such as Trixbox.
If you want to add components to your OS you need to go to the appropriate support forums for your OS

Please read my post before making irrelevant suggestions.

What’s wrong with you people, every time I post a legitimate question I get irrelevant answers.

I am NOT asking for any support for any OS. I am asking if there is a way to add Conf Edit under FreePBX Tools/Maintainance. I am sure there is a way but it is only a matter of finding some one who can give us a clue or even where to start looking.

Any one?

Please refrain from the "Whats wrong…" stuff.
Since config edit is included with PBXiaF or trixbox, why not download a copy of VMare of one of them…fire it up and go to /var/www/html/admin/modules and grab what you want?
There is a reason JavaSSH is the only thing included with FreePBX. It is that config edit just is not as clean as ssh and vi or nano.
Seriously, the best practice is to use ssh to edit.

Please re-read your original post - check out the part where you say “Any feedback is appreciated”. I know one distro hides this functionality so people don’t hurt themselves.
Anyway - have you gone to Mondule Admin|Check updates Online, and included “Config Edit”?


Config Edit is not a FreePBX module as it is not a part of FreePBX and what it does. That is what Yesmat is saying and asking how do I get it to become one.


The answer to your question is simple if you read what you are being told. There is not a FreePBX module to do that and you are correct. It might be a RPM in trixbox, or PBX in a Flash, and maybe several others but it is NOT a part of FreePBX. If you’d like one either dig in to how to write a module which is covered in the development and documentation areas, or pony up and pay to have it developed.

You’ll get resistance to doing it for many reasons.
First, others are providing that functionality in there distros.
Second, it really does not have a place inside FreePBX and it’s interaction with a running install of asterisk (the key being interaction with).
Third, it is a duplication of already existing effords with no real return on value. As you pointed out it exists in other distros.
fourth, I’ve been a developer for 20 years and creating a good editor takes a LOT of time and effort, even when you are done there will always be a ton of feature requests that will pop up consuming even more time. While they were doing this you and probably everybody else would be complaining about other things that need more attention then say backup, multi-tenent, (pick your taget)…
Fifth, creating a text editor is not the direction or intent of FreePBX. But like I said above if you really want somebody to do it pony up some $ for it and maybe if it is enough it will get done.

Think about your issue. What are you editing/changing and why? Maybe there is a hidden need or issue that could be addressed with a module that would fit into FreePBX? Maybe even supporters who would be willing to help.

Also having a editor via http that can be used to change (or do we dare say hack) system files is very dangerious. If you pay attention to security issues you’ll know that any web interface is under contant attack for compromises, so why make it any easy for a hacker to edit your system and gain more access to things if they happen to gain control then nessary.

Also remember that most people who respond to a post are just other users (myself included), if you want the final answer to a question the way to get it is to purchase support and use it.

Some of us respond because we like to help others and/or as payback for those who previously helped us and we are returning the favor. So with that in mind you’ll get some good answers and some not so good answers but “popping off” at the few who try and help is a sure way to get even fewer responses.

Just stepping in here - choice is always good option. You may have no need for a configuration editor under FreePBX, but I can think of a few cases when a configuration editor would be useful.

I for one, do not want to give the maintainer of any of the FreePBX systems I have installed, root access, via ssh. The config editor is a decent simple alternate (yes there are other options as well).

As far as getting Config Edit into FreePBX, you may want to start by looking at the source code and/or contacting the original authors - they are listed in the source.


Many thanks for your answer and response.

I admit I was looking for some feedback pointing me in the direction where I could enable the Config Edit module. But It sounds like there is no easy way of doing this. As you mentioned I am sure different users would like to see different features. I got used to using Config Edit module under FreePBX with Trixbox and PIAF, to be honest it made my life much easier.

I am going to think of another way of editing my files without having to ssh every time I need to.

My apologies for “popping off” like this in my previous post. I was really frustrated.

Thanks to all for your posts

what distro are you running freePBX on? on Trixbox CE you need to install tbm-configedit package to have ConfigEdit module implemented in FreePBX web interface. I’m also using Trixbox v2.6, but i’ve disabled these feature because of security reason…
Good luck :wink: