How to add cell phone to pbx?

hi ,
i bought cellular smart cell device

and i want to add it to my pbx
please help me how to operate and integrate .
i have no idea about pbx config , plz give me brief steps

here is the device


What kind of PBX? Please slow down, tell us your system details and what you want to accomplish.

hi ,
here is it
Name Package Name Version Release
Linux(i386) 2.6.18 238.12.1.el5
Name Package Name Version Release
elastix 2.2.0 14
elastix-firstboot 2.2.0 5
elastix-system 2.2.0 14
elastix-email_admin 2.2.0 9
elastix-vtigercrm 5.1.0 8
elastix-extras 2.0.4 4
elastix-asterisk-sounds 1.2.3 1
elastix-my_extension 2.2.0 5
elastix-agenda 2.2.0 5
elastix-a2billing 1.8.1 16
elastix-addons 2.2.0 4
elastix-im 2.0.4 2
elastix-pbx 2.2.0 14
elastix-security 2.2.0 7
elastix-reports 2.2.0 6
elastix-fax 2.2.0 4
Name Package Name Version Release
RoundCubeMail 0.3.1 10
Name Package Name Version Release
postfix 2.3.3 2.3.el5_6
cyrus-imapd 2.3.7 12.el5_7.1
Name Package Name Version Release
openfire 3.5.1 2
Name Package Name Version Release
freePBX 2.8.1 7
Name Package Name Version Release
asterisk 0
asterisk-perl 0.10 2
asterisk-addons 0
Name Package Name Version Release
hylafax 4.3.10 2rhel5
iaxmodem 1.2.0 1.1
Name Package Name Version Release
dahdi 5
rhino 0.99.4 2.rc1
wanpipe-util 3.5.23 1

im using unempeded pbx .

You need to create a trunk to the cellular gateway. It works like any other sip peer attached to FreePBX/Asterisk.

hi ,
thanks very much ,

my question is , the programming of the gsm terminal is from pbx only ???

plz give me breief steps , i just connect the gsm terminal to the fxo pbx .

i just need breief steps of configuring it .

thanks alot


I don’t know anything about your terminal. It should however have instructions on how to program basic SIP parameters (username, password and CODEC’s must match).

Creating trunks in FreePBX is also well documented with 1000’s of examples in the forum.

no no , i dont mean that

its ok ,
i mean that this terminal must have username and pass and ip of my server before connecting it to pbx ok ???

then after connecting it to pbx , i have to create trunk and give it the sip of the gsm terminal
did u mean that ??

or another thing ?


Your English is a challenge. Yes the username and password (called a secret in Asterisk) must match.

You must choose between two contexts, from-pstn sends the calls to the inbound route module from-internal allows full access to the internal dial plan.

thanks very much