How to add a top menu item wit url destination - if possible?


Is it possible to add a menu item in the gui.
For exacmple a item which contains a URL to a company part. Or opening anothe tab with the destination of the url?
Can this be done with freepbx_menu.conf? Or somthing else like a *custum.php file?
And I do not mean the main login page, but the actual freepbx menu page.
For exacmple the UCP tab, which opens the UCP in a new tab.

Hope anybody can tell me more about this.

Many thanks in advance.

There’s a dashboard widget that allows you to put notes, you could put the url there.

Thank oy for your answer,

This solution I understand, but is not the solution I am looking for.
I realy want to add a top menu item. Way nicer an more professional for company’s.

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