How to add a new vendor and ATA to FreePBX

I have a freePBX distro setup. I purchased additional modules like administrator and endpoint. I am running the latest version (14) which is fully updated both modules and system (FreePBX .

I came across a router with WAN, LAN (including PoE), both 2.4 and 5G WiFi and built in 2 port ATA. The router is a Cambium Networks cnPilot R201P. I feel like its the router jackpot (for an ISP) especially at only $120 list. I have only just started playing with it but I really like the features and functionality especially that I can “cloud manage” it from one place. I am an ISP and I provide Internet (and phone via the FreePBX) with most of my clients sitting off of grandstream GXW42xx devices in campus liek environments. Everything works well and I even have fax working (its reliable but not fast). I really like the R201P since it will allow me to plop down a router at the customers end of the connection and let me provide Internet and phone with a single device. It only took a few minutes to program the ATA to get it working on the FreePBX but I had to manually enter the login/password for registration.

How does one go about creating a config file or template for a new device (under endpoint manager) so I can configure the R201P from the FreePBX administration screen like I can on the Grandstream gxw42xx? (for example if I want to add a phone line to the gxw42xx I just enter the MAC, template, and select the account number [equal to the port on the grandstream] in endpoint manager and the grandstream will reboot automatically and everything is fine and conbfigured for that port. This is because the granstream is setup to download the config via TFTP and the FreePBX manages the firmware images. How can I do the same thing with the R201P?

I have done application development in the past including TCP/IP applications but if its not that simple, who can I hire to write it for me?

maybe you missed this question but I haven’t seen any responses to it? How can one add a new ATA device to FreePBX, do I have to wait for Sangoma to support it or is there anyone out there who can create a new template for a new Vendor?

Everyone saw it.

EPM is a commercial product. It requires the vendor to submit “stuff” to Sangoma (including partnering agreements, NDAs, etc.) so that the product can be supported in the software. If you want to facilitate, contact the vendor and have them get in touch with @lgaetz (for example) so that the process can begin in earnest.

If the product doesn’t have a broad appeal or the vendor is unwilling to work with Sangoma, your only other option is to set the thing up yourself, document it, and when someone asks here, tell them how you did it.

Thanks, I had already contacted Cambium Networks and their support department seemed to be interested especially since any direct support for their product in FreePBX can only help sales. Is there someone specific I can ask them to contact? I’m old school so I’d be looking for email and/or phone number. It wasnt hard to setup when I tested it but it also didnt show up in FreePBX other than the extension showed up as registered. I’m looking for it to be more like Grandstream where the device shows up with 2 accounts and you can assign an extension to each.

You can use the “Issues” tab to request support through the ticketing system. That way, it’s entered in the tracking system and you are more likely to get in contact with someone that can not only help, but probably has the authority to make decisions.

Failing that, Lorne (@lgaetz) or Andrew (@tm1000) will probably see the update (since I mentioned Lorne on the previous message) and give you the corporate line.

I’ve had really good luck working with Sangoma. I had a “special” problem that I needed some help with and they did a super job supporting us.

I spoke to engineering at Cambium Networks, they are very interested in working with Sangoma to add their product line to FreePBX, this is great news! As an ISP, the Cambium R201P will be a great addition! The router has the following features that interest me:
1 WAN port (Gigabit)
4 Lan ports (Gigabit) w/ PoE
Power with a brick or PoE (FYI, I ran it 18 hours on a CyberPower 12V UPS only $59 list)
2.4G WiFi
5G WiFi
2 ATA ports
Remote access via portal (vendor specific) and manage multiple devices from one place
fairly inexpensive
syslog support
USB port (I assume file/print share?

I’m sure a lot more stuff I dont even know is in there but as an ISP and am very excited that they are willing to work with Sangoma to get this product supported in EPM, I hope its soon I have several projects comming up where I may need a few thousand to install.