How to activate dial,park apps on CEL


I has tried to active dial,park apps on cel_general_custom.conf and don’t work.
If I modified cel_general_additional.conf then it works. But everytime I reload FreePBX this file is overwriten and I lost the setting.
I need to activate dial and park apps for CEL.

I’m using Asterisk 11 with
PBX Firmware:
PBX Service Pack:

Use cel_general_custom.conf for your changes. The *additional.conf files get overwritten when you “Apply Changes” on the FreePBX GUI.

I already made the changes on cel_general_custom.conf but are not applied after applying Changes.

Any idea how to do it?

Thanks for you help.

You may need to make the changes in the appropriate “*.freepbx_override” configuration file.

I have just confirmed that placing the following


In /etc/asterisk/cel_general_custom.conf does work. After a reload at the Asterisk CLI run:

> cel show status

and you should see output that includes:

CEL Tracking Application: dial
CEL Tracking Application: park