How to acess my SIP Trunk from another PBX/Equipment

Friends, good morning!
I have a FreePBX 16 (latest version and modules) on a virtual server, and that server has a SIP Trunk with PJSIP technology.

On this trunk, I have 30 channels and 100 numbers (DIDs), but we don’t use many of them at headquarters.

Because of this, we are thinking of using some DIDs and specific channels of this SIP Trunk in a legacy PBX that is located in another of our offices, and canceling the digital trunk connected to it (which is R2 signaling, very common in Brazil, it is like an ISDN more accessible and very popular in Latin America).

To do this, we released access to our PBX via the Internet (with all the security measures, including the firewall and redirection of unknown ports to the PBX ports) and we purchased a equipment that converts the SIP signaling to E1 (R2).

Now, my question is:
How exactly am I going to connect my SIP Trunk to my conversion device?
I did a configuration test connecting the SIP Trunk directly to the device, and everything worked perfectly.
However, I need this trunk to be connected to my FreePBX, and that device to connect to my FreePBX and consequently have access to this trunk.

I thought about registering an extension on this device and consequently using it as a trunk on the PBX, but I still don’t know for sure the limitations that this could cause.

I also saw something like DISA, but I was unsure about registering.
Friends, has anyone here done something similar to this?
How can it best be done?
Thanks in advance for the help!

Can you do another PJSIP trunk from PBX to your secondary device and then route calls accordingly over the various trunks using dialing rules in outbound routes?

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I’ll try to do it that way, I think it’s a good idea!
This SIP Trunk would be like interconnecting two FreePBX, correct?
I mean, would they connect via IP (or domain) to each other and from that, the converter device would send the calls to my FreePBX, which would consequently send these calls to go out through my sip trunk?

Ha, thanks man!

Yea, it would be just like connecting two FreePBX devices together and you should be able to use either IP or FQDN if your PBX can resolve to the correct IP if you use a domain.

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