How stop VM Box from appearing in Company Directory


I am new to the Trixbox/FreePBX environment, so I hope I am not asking a question that has an obvious answer.

We have several general purpose voicemail boxes that we do not want to ‘appear’ in the Company Directory via the dial-by-name option.

How do we prevent these VM boxes from being included in the Company Directory?

We are using TrixBox CE

Thanks for any and all help.

Bryan Hunt

You would need to update to Freepbx 2.8 and use the new Directory module.

Or use obscure names with numbers in the front.


Okay, will finagle the names to hide them. Thanks for the feedback.

On another note (again, very new to TrixBox/FreePBX), what kind of pain would I be in for upgrading to 2.8? Is the process very complicated?


Bryan Hunt