How should I troubleshoot intermittent one-way audio on Sangoma PRI card?


I have a customer whose had a FreePBX system (10.13.66-64bit) installed for over four years. They have a Sangoma A101DE PRI card connected to a Comcast PRI and the phones are on the same LAN as the FreePBX server (no NAT). My customer is now saying that intermittently incoming callers are not able to hear the outbound audio from the person answering the phone. This is a new development.

What is the best way to troubleshoot this? I can setup call recording to see if Asterisk gets the outgoing audio from the person answering the phone. But I realize that this doesn’t actually prove that the outbound audio is making it to the PRI.

Can I use any of the Sangoma traces to actually verify outbound audio? Again, this happens for only a fraction of the calls.

I’m hesitant to upgrade FreePBX/Asterisk since this the system is so old (BIOS to UEFI, etc.).

On a separate note (but I am bringing it up because maybe it isn’t so separate), they also started complaining about long lags in transferring calls. This turned out to be DNS related (/etc/resolve.conf was pointing to with Google DNS as a secondary resolver, and the local named was only doing reverse DNS, without any forwarders configured). I fixed the lag on inbound or transferred calls, but I am still pondering why this just started when the system has been in place for 4 years without changes.

I appreciate direction that anyone would like to provide!

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