How setup GoIP GSM gateway as trunk on Elastix?


Could you please tell me steps by steps to set GoIP 1 x GSM gateway up&running as a trunk on Elastix 1.6? Its picture is here.

I read the manual but cannot figure out how to do it.

Thank you for your time,


I know its too late to answer your post, I just finished installing GoIP on FreePBX. I’ve posted the instructions here:
Hope that helps.

I’v so had it with the GOIP 8 device.

I received it a few days ago… did a quick config… inbound and outbound worked no problem… Then it stopped working. I’ve configured, reconfigured so many times. I’ve tried everything on the internet and am ready to throw this 1000 piece of equipment in the trash!

Sometimes I can get this to work… But for inbound only. Then for some uknown reasons it just stops and gives “service not available” message.

Why does this thing have no logs? Error Console… Something so we can know what it’s doing.

Does anyone has a stable working config.