How separate line from fax call on isdn line


I have a isdn line BRI PTMP on it there are two line one phone line and one with fax functionality. Now the fax is connected directly to provider termination, the same of pbx, but I need to manage all line with freepbx because the provider termination not permit to manage digital line and analog.
My wish is connect the pbx to the provider termination and manage for one number(DID) the normal call and for another number(DID) redirect to fax. How can connect fax to pbx?

thanks for any help

2 ways to do it.
1.) Setup faxes to route to a device

  • Setup an extension and have the device register to that extension
  • Setup inbound route to detect faxes, and destination set to the above extension

2.) Setup faxes to route to email

  • Setup a regular user: make sure the email field is populated under user details, and fax set to enabled
  • Setup inbound route to detect faxes, and destination set to the user you created above (fax recipient)
  • Set up SMTP if you haven’t already so that it will email the user (you can get TIFF or PDF)

i need to use fax machine for send and recieve fax. So only first solution is right but I don’t understand way to do this. The cable Patch cord goes from Provider Termination to asterisk B410P card. In the same cable arrive call from isdn and number fax, so I need to match did for incoming calls, and match did to redirect to fax extension but the fax machine how to connect? with rj11 from pbx to fax? which card I have to buy?

thanks a lot for rapid response

You’ll need to get an ATA device.
I’m not up to par on the available technologies out there to achieve this, so there might be something else.
But when i had to deal with this, i had a Cisco ATA. I don’t remember the model number, but it was a long time ago.
Perhaps that will get you in the right direction.

Yes I found same solution cisco ATA 100 about and do this configured for fax with attention at speed comunication to reduce to 9600 and perhaps working. So I configure and extension and create a route direct for one DID to this extension and done! I have some trouble to find the right DID from the channel beacause if i specify the number the call drops immidiately because the pbx not match DID so i work on this to filter call while wait arrive of ATA device. I found availability of a yeastar TA100 anyone used the product of this brand? Works great?

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