How routing calls

I’m new to the forum and I hope this is the right section to post my problem.

I have 2 trixbox v2.2.3 ©2007 one in China and one in Italy I’ve done a iax2 trunk between them and

  • from Italy to China I’ve done an outbound route 11|. to China trunk
  • from China to Italy I’ve done an outbound route 10|. to Italy trunk
    the italian extensions can call the chinese extensions end vice-versa, the first typing 11XXXX and the second typing 10XXXX.

In Italy I have configured a sip trunk to a VoIP operator and so the Italian extensions can do geographical calling by typing for example 900390743XXXXXXX, in fact there is an outbound route 9|. to VoIP operator.

My questions is: “How can I let the chinese extensions to make geographical calling by VoIP operator passing through Italian trixbox?”

Thanks in advance for the answears!!

I thought that typing 10900390743XXXX from a chinese extensions it whould work, but my italian trixbox logs this:
Oct 22 12:07:17 NOTICE[8548] chan_iax2.c: Rejected connect attempt from XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX, request ‘900390743******@from-trunk’ does not exist
where XXX.XXX.XXX.XXX is the chinese trixbox ip address.

I would think that you would need to set up a Dundi Cloud between the two locations.

you would need to use “from-internal” in the trunk configuration, or create a custom context and include the routes that you want it to have access to. Keep in mind that there are security considerations if you do this. If you are all ‘one big happy family’ then it should be fine, otherwise, make sure you know what you are doing.

There is no need to use dundi for what you want to do.

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How can I create a custom context? Can you help me step by step, I’m a novice about VoIP telephony with Asterisk (Trixbox).

Thanks in advance.