How operator can know extensions status

Hello there, I’m quite new to this forum.
I have FreePBX running on raspbx.
I configured a few pjsip extensions and I can connect sip phones with manual configuration (I didn’t venture yet into provisioning).
Now I am trying to configure a cisco CP-6851-3PCC (with the optional keypad CP-68KEM-3PCC) as the operator extension, in order to visualise on the various softkeys whether other extensions are available, busy, ringing, …
So far I configured the 4 softkeys of the phone AS-IS they were just other sip extensions in the phone but I just end up with the operator ringing for every extension I configured, without being able to see their status. All the configuration is made through freepbx web interface. Is there some parameter to enable in order to “watch over” other extensions to see their status?


I know nothing about this device, but what you want is to configure the monitoring buttons as BLF (Busy Lamp Field), not as line buttons. With luck, a search will show how to do this from the phone’s web interface. Otherwise, you will have to write a config file for the phone to fetch.

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Thanks Stewart, while this may not be the final solution, indeed your hint is driving me in the correct direction, “BLF” is the acronym I needed to look for and indeed I found a bunch of references about it. Now it’s time to study how to implement it.
Thanks again, regards


To monitor extensions on your Cisco CP-6851-3PCC phone, configure BLF keys in the phone’s settings to monitor the status of other extensions. Ensure that FreePBX supports BLF and that the extensions are correctly configured for monitoring. Test the BLF keys after setup to verify functionality.

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