How I get involved with Freepbx?

I would like to share some modules that I developed for freepbx, How can I send them to you?


You could open a new ticket with the module attached to it and set the type to Module Submissions. Link is here

Thanks, I opened 3 tickets. Now what’s next?


I just gave you svn write access to the contributed_modules directory. Usually the route we take is for you to put your modules in there making them available for users to have access to and do some testing, evaluation and feedback.

If we get good feedback and they are of general interest then we can add them to the online extended repository which makes it easier for people to access and download. We usually wait to hear feedback before doing that as well as to make sure that you or other developers are looking after them and responsive to issues, bugs, etc.

The modules can make there way into the main repository after some time and the right amount of feedback and support form the community.

So that would probably be your best route for now. You can use these account credentials to add them to SVN and if you are having any issues, let me know here and I will check why.

I’ve already added the 3 modules without problem at all.


  • Boss Secretary.
  • KeyLock.
  • Capture Groups.

Thanks so much, I will expect your feedbacks and comments.

dear maikel

thanks for modules.please tell me how this module working?
means user manual for set up